Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blue Johnsons

Like Blues? Like Johnsons?

Here, have some Blue Johnsons!


Blind Willie Johnson When the War was on
Blind Willie Johnson Jesus Make up my Dying Bed
Buster Johnson Undertaker
Lonnie Johnson Winnie the Wailer
Lonnie Johnson Death Valley is just Halfway to my House
Robert Johnson Crossroads Blues Alternate Take
Robert Johnson Drunken Hearted Man
Robert Johnson Sweet Home Chicago
Tommy Johnson Cool Water
Tommy Johnson Canned Heat Blues

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 outta 5 ain't bad!

Top Five Books Written by Serial Killers
Published by jharmon
February 23, 2010

Five books. Written by five serial killers. Some are fiction. Most are not. If you dare to turn these pages, beware of some of the most disturbing stories ever published.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


A Lesser Fnord of Discordia Prophetica
From Honest Book of Truth; Book of Uterus, Chapter 3


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The Boho Boys is a series of images from the archives of Bohemian Grove. I have posted three images per day depicting Cosplay, Rituals, Pageantry, and Boyfriends. Res Ipsa Loquitur: these things do speak for themselves.

The penultimate post in our series features an octet of wealthy, powerful men with a couple of adorable little boys at their feet. As an homage to these boys, and to all the other victims of organized exploitation, I made a triptych with tinted cameos of the boys so you could read the stories in their faces.

As I handled the portraits of these two boys I named them: So that's Elliott on the left and Clay on the right. Smile, Boys! And stalwart Clay holds his head high, mouth tightened for control, the thousand-yard stare in his pale eyes.

Elliott tries to put on a happy face but it dissolves on the blue side. A sensitive child, prematurely somber, he sits with his pelvis canted to one side, his discomfort evidently more than "merely" existential.

This is no day at the park. Make no mistake: these boys are victims, just as these well-heeled conspirators are predators.

The Franklin Cover-Up has a disturbing first-person account of victimization at Bohemian Grove by a young orphan. In True Vampires, I have analyzed the implications.

Tomorrow we conclude our series with Boho Boys having Good Clean Fun: horsing around, getting wet, & bonding by the bonfire.